About A Trailer Named Sous

Creating memories cooking with
my family to serve yours!

A Purposeful Drive Toward Building Memories and Futures

We started our journey during COVID-19 Pandemic, as restaurants and bars started shutting down while people still had birthdays, anniversary’s and other special events that did not get cancelled.

A friend of ours called us and asked if we would come over and make a fancy dinner for a birthday. Of course we obliged and after the meal a Facebook post was placed on the community page and another person reached out for a dinner, then another and another. We had close to 40 meals cooked, 80+ new friends and countless new memories made!

Halfway through the pandemic and we decided to expand, we looked further into the future and the idea of A Trailer Named Sous was born. It truly is a family endeavor in which our kids will grow into as they get older and such will their responsibilities and understanding of business, financial and operational skills. The goal is to be completely open and honest with our children about the business and especially its finances but even more go grow closer together as a family through this venture.

Why my kids are excited about A Trailer Named Sous